Norwood Army Engineer In Service Less Than Year; Fought On D-Day

Pvt. Charles Frances Lydon

Pvt. Charles Frances Lydon, 25, of 24 Cottage street, Norwood, was killed in action in France on November 11th, it was reported by the War Department in a telegram received yesterday afternoon by his wife, Mrs. Agnes Lydon. He is the third Norwood man to lose his life on the western front within a week.

Pvt. Lydon, who had been in the 1 service less than a year, took part in the Allied invasion at Normandy on D-Day, and had pushed on into France with the invasion forces, serving with an Engineer Battalion. A letter written by him on November 5th, was received by his wife only yesterday.
Norwood-born, Pvt. Lydon attended the local schools and was employed at Kendall Mills prior to entering the service on November 15th of last year. He received his basic training at Fort Belvoir, Va., ! and was assigned overseas early in ! May.

Mrs. Lydon’ said this morning that a requiem mass will be celebrated for her husband next Monday morning, December 4th, at 7:30 o’clock at St. Catherine’s Church.

Besides his wife. Pvt. Lydon leaves his mother. Mrs. Catherine Lydon of 142 Winslow avenue; two sisters, Marie and Louise, and a brother, William Lydon of 336 Washington street, a Norwood school custodian.

His wife is the former Agnes Carlson of Cape Cod. They were married in May, 1939, and had made their home here since.

Announcement of the death of Pvt. Lydon raises to three the toll of Norwood war dead in France within a single week. Pfc. William H. Kaler, Jr., was killed on November 7th, Pfc. Michael Joseph Wallace on November 8th and Pvt. Lydon on November 11th, which was the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice which brought hostilities on the same front to a close in World War I.