This Day In Norwood History-November 27, 1942-Selectmen Approve Plans For Construction Of Honor Rol

Sanction For Local Service Men

Cost Of Board Estimated To Be Approximately $1300

The as it looked on Norwood in .

Norwood’s Roll of Honor, accepted by the Tuesday evening, “I’ll be placed on the common when compared to the architectural beauty of the design is in keeping with the town’s beautiful square. The cost is approximately $1300 complete with names.

An architect’s drawing of the honor roll board was shown by selectmen Tuesday evening by . Architect volunteered his services in making the drawing.

The board will have three cabinets and a glassed-in front. The names, coming on individual strips can be inserted from the rear and permits changes and additions with a minimum of trouble.
Before the designs were shown, General Manager Smith and architect Harry Korslund visited a number of towns and cities that have already put up honor roll scrolls.

At least four designs were shown to Selectmen. The one selected will have the lower names on the roll about four feet from the base with the top names about 7 feet high. This makes for readily reading the names from a standing position.

CanstruHicts of the board will get under way shortly. The will be requested to make available the slightly more than $1,100 estimated as the cost of constructing and erecting the board complete with names. The board will face street and be placed on the common.

November 27,

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