Pvt. Francis Edward McAuliffe Is Teletype Operator At Tinkham Field

OKLAHOMA CITY AIR TECHNICAL SERVICE COMMAND, Tinker Field, Okla. — Now stationed at Tinker Field is Pvt. Francis Edward McAuliffe, formerly of Norwood. He is a teletype operator at this model establishment of the Air Technical Service Command for the maintenance and repair of aircraft and the training of air depot groups.

Pvt. McAuliffe is a graduate of Norwood High School, and prior to military induction in March, 1943, he was connected with the Bay State Iron Foundry.

Pvt. McAuliffe has a brother, John J. McAuliffe, serving in the Coast Guard, and another brother, Thomas H. McAuliffe, serving in the Navy… They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McAuliffe of 423 Nahataii’street.

Before transfer to this field, Pvt. McAuliffe, was stationed at Kelly Field, Texas.