Posthumous award of the Silver Star Medal has been made to the late Marine Platoon Sergeant Raymond F. O’Brien, formerly of Norwood, killed in action with the Fourth Marine Division, during, the invasion of Iwo Jima on 21 February, 1945. The medal was received recently by Sergeant O’Brien’s brother Platoon Sergeant Leo J. O’Brien of Norwood, at the Postoffice Building, Boston.

The citation reads in part:

“With his company halted by severe enemy fire of all types. Platoon Sergeant O’Brien made a daring forward reconnaissance lo locate positions for his machine guns for the ensuing attack and determine probable enemy fields of fire.

Attacked by machine-gun fire from an unknown position on his left flank, he returned to his unit, called for a demolitions man and again advanced. Upder intense fire, Platoon Sergeant O’Brien and his companion crawled the last twenty yards to the Japanese pillbox and set oil’ two charges, destroying the pillbox and killing the occupants. While covering the withdrawal of the demolitions man.