Will Dedicate Its New Industrial Plant, “The Norwood Press,” Dec 20, with a Reception to the Governor.

NORWOOD. Nov 25—This town is preparing to let itself loose for the biggest jollification in its history on the evening of Dec 20, when it will dedicate Its new industrial plant, which is to be known as “The Norwood Press.”

The new enterprise will add to the population of the town about 100 families. and will give employment to at least 300 skilled hands.

A fine new building has been erected, and will be occupied by two large Boston firms in the printing and publishing business, who will work together, practically as one concern, one firm doing one branch of the work and the other another, and turning“ out together all kinds of books complete, and all from under one roof.

The land on which the building stands is valued at $10,000, and was donated by the town through the Instrumentality of the Norwood Business Association. The firms own the building, which will be one of the most perfectly equipped establishments of the kind In the country.

The Norwood Business association has taken the matter of the dedication in hand, and has decided, with the consent of the owners of the building, to give a concert and ball in the new structure on the evening of Dec 20.

It is expected that the occasion will resolve itself into a grand county reception to Gov Greenhalge, who. with his staff, has promised to be present.

Very large committees have been appointed, which not only embrace the prominent men of the town, but also the leading businessmen of Norfolk county.

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The structure where the affair is to take place is an imposing building, which will not only give impetus to the town’s prosperity but is also an ornament.

The room where the ball will be held contains upwards of 28,000 square feet of floor surface, and this is thought will be none too large for the many hundred that will participate in the dance. The building will be elaborately decorated for the occasion.

Two orchestras have been engaged, and there will be a continuous flow of music. Special trains will be run over both the New’ York & New’ England and on the New York, New Haven & Hartford road to convey guests to and from the festivities.

Sun, Nov 25, 1894 – 22 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) ·