Ofgant Jackson, famed throughout New England for its record sales and outstanding customer service, cordially invites the public to view the complete 1961 Studebaker line of passenger cars and trucks during Open House Week, Nov. 25 to Nov. 30, in its Norwood division at 858 Providence Highway, Route 1. Free perfume will be given to the ladies, in celebration of the Norwood division’s appointment as Studebaker dealership for that area.

Every model of the sleek new Studebaker Lark line is now on display in Ofgant Jackson’s bright, modem Norwood showrooms.

General Manager Marvin Roberts and his friendly, competent staff eagerly await the opportunity to show motorists the beautiful designing, careful craftsmanship and proven engineering that have placed Studebaker among the world’s most desirable and satisfying automobiles.

Tops in performance, comfort and economy, Studebaker Lark offers motorists a happy combination of practicality and enjoyment, and comes in a variety of beautiful models designed to answer every driving requirement and suit every budget.

At Ofgant Jackson of Norwood, motorists may view the entire deluxe and regal lines, which include two-door sedans, four-door sedans, and two-door and four-door station wagons in either six or eight-cylinder models. There are some convertibles in both hard top and soft top styles, a luxurious four-door sedan cruiser, and—for sports car enthusiasts—the exciting Hawk Coupe.

All models are available with standard or automatic shift or overdrive, and the Hawk coupe also offers an optional four-speed gear box. Other optional Studebaker equipment includes reclining seat and headrest, power steering and power brakes.

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All models are available for immediate delivery, and Ofgant Jackson offers a wide variety of flexible budget plans adaptable to the individual preferences and requirements of each customer.

Earl Stone, sales manager, urges the public to come in during opening week to inspect Ofgant Jackson’s beautiful new Studebaker cars and trucks at close range. His assistants, Bert Soucy and Sid Feldman will be most happy to demonstrate and help each customer select the make and model that parallels his particular motoring needs and budget.

The Studebaker showrooms, Ofgant Jackson, Norwood, has one of the finest, most modern service .divisions m the East, headed by Manager Bob Gomes, who has had years of experience in the service of al] automobile makes and models, both domestic and foreign. Gomes’ fine service facilities are manned by expert, factory-trained master mechanics.

The division stocks a fabulous inventory of parts and accessories, and is equipped with the latest scientific testing equipment and repair tools and machinery. No problem or emergency is beyond the scope of this well-staffed, modern service division. Motorists are assured the ultimate in prompt, efficient service at all times.

Pres. George T. Hutchins II appointed Marvin Roberts, winner of the Top Gold Award, as manager of the new division, pnd success was immediate. The percentage of sales far exceeded Ofgant Jackson’s most optimistic expectations.

“We really should have anticipated this wonderful customer response.” said Ofgant Jackson’s Vice Pres. Shepard Sumberg. “All the ingredients were there—Ofgant Jackson’s reputation for the most honest dealings and fabulous values in the East.

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Ofgant Jackson’s motto, “Where thousands save hundreds,” has been proved again and again. With close to eight acres of sales and service facilities in Roxbury, Lynn and Norwood, Ofgant Jackson enjoys a fantastic sales volume, which enables the company to offer trade-in allowances that are generous almost beyond credence. Conveniently located on Route 1, it is accessible to motorists for miles around, via Route 128.

Commenting on the outlook for the new Studebaker Division, Roberts said: “After the almost unbelievable six months this division experienced Renault sales, there is just no telling what the addition of the wonderful Studebaker Lark may do. The car has everything, and nobody in New England can top the deals we can offer on it.”