Representatives of the Norwood Legion Post and the Veterans of Foreign Wars reported back to the Norwood Selectmen last night, informing the Board that neither organization was interested in proposed quarters in a location next to the Municipal Building on Washington street.

The Selectmen, several weeks ago. called in the veterans organization representatives to ask them if the town were to acquire the land adjacent to the Municipal Building. now owned by St. Catherine’s Parish, and were to erect a building there, if they would favor the location as organization headquarters.

Gordon F. Woodberry spokesman for the four representatives at last night’s meeting, said the two organizations had discussed the proposal in separate meetings and in a joint meeting and neither favored the location. They did not want, he said, to be in the center of town.


He reported to the Selectmen, however, that the two organizations were interested in a building that might be erected at a future date in another location, to be used by both organizations. In further discussion with the Selectmen, the veterans’ representatives agreed that the Civic location was an ideal one if a new building could be erected or an addition, added to the present building.

The Selectmen indicated they favored the veterans’ suggestion and indicated it would have their support when the time came to act upon it. That time, it appeared, would be after the war when veterans from this war returned After discussing the proposed veterans’ home, Mr. Woodberry asked the Board if they would consider among their post-war plans of the town revisiting the Civic ball field to relocate the diamond so that the sun would not shine in the catcher’s eyes. All at the meeting agreed this should be done, and Selectman asked the General Managaer to get the figures on the cost of relocating the diamond in case it could be considered with the 1945 budgets.