The interior of one of the greenhouses of Peter Fisher Gr Son, specialists in roses, 6 Washington street, Norwood. Founded in 1890 by Peter Fisher, the business is now operated by Stanley, his son, who, in turn, is associated with HIS son, Allyn. Mr. Fisher began specializing in growing roses in 1922, and estimates that when the current crop is all planted up he’ll have from 18,000 to 20,000 bushes growing at one time.

One of Norwood’s oldest businesses is Peter Fisher & Son, Florists, 6 Washington street, Norwood, which was founded way back in 1890 by Peter Fisher, is being carried on by his son. Stanley, with the help of the latters son, Allyn.

Originally specializing in carnations, Mr. Fisher began specializing in roses in 1922, has grown thousands of plants since that time. Some of the varieties currently grown are Briarcliffe, Better Times. Yellow Gloria and White Killarney. – A beautiful, modernly-cquipped place, Fisher’s greenhouses cover about 30.000 square feet, and Mr Fisher estimates that when he’s all planted up. lie has from 13.000 to 20,000 bushes growing at one time.

The roses are grafted, using Manetti understock, and the mature bushes are grown on the latest sub-irrigated beds. Besides roses, they grow chrysanthemums, snapdragons and other flowers.

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