This Day in Norwood History-November 16, 1944-Norwood Woman’s Club Notes Presidents’ Day

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Woman’s Club Notes Presidents’

Presidents’ Day was observed by the Norwood Woman’s Club at its held Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. in Odd Fellows Hall.

Mrs. Gilbert W. Rich. 5th District Director, was the guest of honor. She was presented to the club by Mrs. William Call and in her address she stressed the need of the club woman’s services and her duty to carry on the many wartime activities.

The following visitors were present at the meeting:

Miss Kathryn N. Adams and Mrs. Charles E. Taylor, of the Past Presidents’ Culb of the 5th District: Mrs. Coleman Foley. President of the Norwood Catholic Woman’s Club: Miss Ann Switzer. President of the Norwood Teachers’ Club: Mrs. Richard F. Kidwell. President of the Alden Club of Franklin, and Mrs. Robert M. Hill, of Club Institutes Forum. Other guests were Mrs. George Lynch of the Norwood Catholic Woman’s Club and Mrs. Marie Brown of the faculty.

Miss Grace Diernan violinist, accompanied by Miss Ruth Dyke- man at the piano, gave a most enjoyable and varied musical program. . .

Miss Kathleen Emerson Swan was the speaker of the afternoon. Her topic was “Let’s Look to Our Ancestors.” She brought with her many treasures from all parts of the world in china, glass, silver and in linens and wearing apparel. She told of the “heritage which was ours regardless from whence

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