256This is the way sheets and other flat work are handled at the Norwood Laundry Co., 884 Washington street, Norwood. The giant machine on the right is a flat work ironer, through which flat pieces are fed, and then carefully folded, as the girls above are doing. The Norwood Laundry is owned by two brothers, John E. and George J. Nixon, who purchased it in July. Both have been in the laundry business for about 20 years, have instituted a number of new ideas at the laundry which are helping to make it more popular daily. (Warren Eriksen Photo)

John E. and George J. Nixon, who recently purchased the Norwood Laundry Co.. 884 Washington street, Norwood., are a couple of ambitious, hard-working young men who are determined that the best work possible will be performed at their establishment.

‘•Because of the scarcity of labor and the difficulty we have getting supplies,’’ John E. said this week, “we’re not able to give as good service as we desire.

“When the situation is remedied,’’ he continued, “we’ll go on a 5-day schedule on cash and carry bundles and a 7-day schedule on the regular routes.’’

With 50 employees and a great deal of the latest equipment, the Norwood Laundry is functioning efficiently despite shortages.

They feature a 5-day service on dry cleaning, on both a cash-and-carry and pickup and delivery basis — a service which is really tops. Every garment is carefully handled and custom-cleaned, and when it reaches the customers it is practically rejuvenated. And the prices are low, too.

Other services are the “all-press” bundle, in which all wearing apparel is pressed; the “bachelor service,” in which buttons are sewed on and a fiatwork bundle, in which all linens, sheets, etc., arc carefully ironed.

The Norwood Laundry Co. has regular routes in Norwood, Walpole. Canton, Westwood, Hingham, Sharon, Milton, and the Needham route has been recently re-opened after a shutdown during the war.

Cash-and-carry service is very popular with the Norwood Laundry’s customers. There’s a 15% discount on this, except on the 6-day service, on which there is no discount.

Collars are starched by hand, and each shirt is hand-finished . . . they also do curtains, fancy tablecloths, and similar delicate pieces, all of which are done by hand. All clothes, incidentally, are carefully marked, an assurance that you’ll get all your laundry back intact.

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The Norwood Laundry has a water-softening device, which does exactly what its name implies . . And besides this, no harsh chemicals are used in the washing process. Blueing is added to the washing formula, thus giving white articles a distinctive white hue, and on colored pieces, this bluing process seems to rejuvenate the colors.

George, who has three children, and John, who has two, both like Norwood very much and plan to move here as soon as they can. John is a veteran of the Navy, spent 17 months overseas, went through the Iwo Jima and Okinawa campaigns.