25,000 Jam Town Square In Honor Of Servicemen

1400 Plaques Distributed

Huge Parade Precedes Unveiling Ceremonies; Governor Saltonstall Calls For Greater Diligence On Home Front

An estimated 25,000 people yesterday paid tribute to Norwood’s six Gold Star Mothers and some 1400 Norwood men in the service, as Governor Leverett Saltonstall delivered an inspiring address at the unveiling of the Norwood Honor Roll on the Town Green. A huge 82-unit parade preceded the dedication, with 14 bands supplying martial music along the line of the march.

Gov. Leverett Saltonstall had a reassuring message for the large group of serious-faced relatives and friends of the 1100 men and women of Norwood now in the service.

Nearly 30% of the entire population of the town is at the present date serving in the armed forces, and Governor Saltonstall commented on this fact.

“Our job,” he said, “yours and mine, is to work diligently at the tasks assigned to us on the home front. With our help, our boys and girls in the field, carrying on the war, will be supplied with the tools to make a quick and sure victory for our fighting forces. The more speedy and helpful our jobs at home accomplished—the shorter will he war duration.

“Above all, we must maintain our life on the home front,” the Governor continued, “and make their lives as happy as possible by carrying on. I am proud that here in Massachusetts we are doing our part to keep the lighting men equipped. We are second only to Ohio in the number of army and navy awards.”


The honor of unveiling the Honor Roll went to Mrs. Louise King, a sister of Rudolph Ballough, who was the first man from Norwood to lose his life in the present conflict. Some 3300 plaques were presented, one for each of the men in the armed forces whose name appear on the Honor Roll. In the majority of cases, the mother of the person to whom the plaque was inscribed accepted the token for her son, although in cases where the serviceman was married, the wife received the plaque.

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The committee handling the presentation of the plaques set up tables along the Cottage Street side of the Town Green, and the plaques were presented according to 10 alphabetical groups, with each of the five tables handling a proportionate section of the alphabet. Headmaster Leighton Thompson of the High School and a corps of junior and senior girls handled the distribution, in addition to acting as ushers at the ceremonies.

These plaques were presented to the families during the May 9, 1943, Honor Roll dedication ceremony. (courtesy Webber/Curtis family)

All traffic on Washington Street was stopped during the parade after Chief William Sullivan of the Norwood Police Department had announced that the “No Parking” regulations anywhere in the vicinity of the Town Green would be strictly enforced.

ENTIRE PROGRAM The official program was arranged as follows:

  1. —Song — “Star Spangled Banner.” Solo by Miss Hilda L. Gillette.
  2. —Salute to the Flag—Led by Thomas DeSena
  3. —Invocation — Rt. Rev. Monsignor Joseph C. Walsh.
  4. —For Town of Norwood— Harry B. Butters, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen.
  5. —Music—Band selection.
  6. —Introduction of His Excellency, Governor Saltonstall —Rep. Charles F. Holman.
  7. —Address—Governor Leveret Saltonstall.
  8. —Silent Meditation — In memory of the men lost in service.
  9. —Unveiling of Honor Roll —Mrs. Louise King.
  10. —Benediction — Rev. Dr. Marius James.
  11. —Song—”America” (First and last verse). Audience led by Miss Hilda L. Gillette.
  12. —Distribution of Honor Plaques.


The eighty-two units that made up the parade, which lasted close to an hour, were as follows:

Police escort; Chief Marshal

Gordon Woodberry; Assist. Chief Marshal Rev. Christopher P. Griffin: aid—Walter Carter, Thomas DeSena, Daniel Collins, Edward Farmer, John Reynolds, John Corcoran, William Flaherty; Board of Selectmen and Town Manager; Messed Colors.


(Aid Edward Fanner)

U. S. Coast Guard Band; U. S. Coast Guard; U. S. C. G. Spare; members of U. S. Armed Forcee; Massachusetts State Guard Band; Massachusetts State Guard, Norwood.

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(Aids William Flaherty and Thomas DeSena)

Old Dorchester Post A. L. Drum Corps; American Legion; American Legion Auxiliary; Veterans of Foreign Wars; Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary; Sons of Union Veterans; Daughters of Union Veterans; Sons of Union Veterans Auxiliary; Women’s Relief Corps.


(Aid John Corcoran) Cambrdige Fire Band; Blessed Sacrament Drill Team, Cambridge; Norwood Fire Company; Civilian Defense Organization; Officers; Executive Committee.

Section 1

Education and Training.

Section 2

Planning and Technical: Air Raid Shelter Technical Corpa; Evacuation.

Section 3

Protection: Angel Guardian Band; St. Mary’s Drill Team, Charlestown: Air Raid Wardens; Report Center Operators, women, men; St. Catherine’s Senior Boya Fife and Drum Corps; Auxiliary Police; Auxiliary Fire; St. Catherine’« Senior Girls; Blackout Officer and Dimout Committee; Ga« and Decontamination; Bomb Reconnaissance; American Legion Drum Corps. Holliston; Industrial Protection, Plant Wardens; Mounted Civilian Defense Patrol; Kendall Mills Band; M.C.O.F. Drill Team 320, Medford.

Section 4

Medical Staff: Mobile Units; First Aiders; St. Agatha’s Drum Corps, Milton.

Section 5

Services and Supplies: Engineering; Map Plotter; Rescue, Demolition and Clearance; Rescue Squad; Demolition and Clearance Squads; Communications — Telephone, Messengers, Radio; Transportation: Utilities—Public Works, Electric, Gas; Emergency Plumbing; Sacred Heart Flute, Boston.

Section 6

Health and Social Services: Health Services — Health Service, Public Health Department, Nutrition Committee; Social Services— Public Welfare: Women’s Community Committee,

Section 7

War Services: Block Plan Group: Saint Cecilia’s Band, Ashland; Red Cross Units; Precious Blood, Hyde Park. Seniors Drum Corps; Massachusetts Women’s Defense Corps; Precious Blood. Hyde Park, Juniors Drum Corps; Airplane Spotters.


(Aid Walter Carter)

Norwood Senior and Junior High School Band; Sea Scouts; Boy Scouts; St. Mary’s, Dedham. Drum Corps; Campfire Girls; Girl Scouts; Junior Legion Auxiliary.


(Aid John Reynolds)

Holy Name, West Roxbury: St. Catherine’s Junior Boys; St. Catherine’s Junior Girls.

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