Norwood Stores Closed During Services There

School Children Stand, Bareheaded, as Cortege Passes—Mourners Pack South Boston Church.

May 4, 1915 —Five hundred men of St Catherine’s parish here met the body of their former pastor, Rev James B. Troy, on its arrival at the Norwood Central Station this afternoon from South Boston, where a solemn high mass of requiem had been celebrated in St Vincent’s Church, of which Fr Trv„ had been pastor since 1907. Forming in line, the men, headed by a squad of police in charge of Chief Raedel, escorted the body through the business section of the town to St Catherine’s Church.

Grand Knight Joseph F. McManus, K. of C., was chief marshal, and his aids were: Pres Nicholas Storm of the local A. O. H., Chief Ranger Frank Coughlin df the M. C. O. F., Pres John T. Callahan of the Holy Name Society, Pres Michael Lydon of the Total Abstinence Society, and Pres Peter Guimond of the St-Jean Baptiste Society.

All stores were closed and flags on schools and other public buildings were at half-staff during the funeral. As the procession passed the Everett and Guild Schools all the pupils and teachers stood, bareheaded, in line on the sidewalk.

About 1500 people, including most of the town officials, attended the funeral services, filling the church to capacity. Rev Thomas J. MacCormack, pastor, officiated and preached a eulogy of Rev Fr Troy. He was assisted in the services by Rev Arthur Connolly, rector of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament at Jamaica Plain, and Rev James J. O’Brien, rector of St Catherine’s Church at Somerville, both lifelong friends of the dead priest. Rev Dr. J. P. Dyer, S. S.. rector of St Mary’s Seminary. Baltimore, and Rev M. Buvine of St Charles College, Maryland, both of which institutions Fr Troy attended, and about 20 priests of the diocese, personal friends of Fr Troy, assisted in the sanctuary.

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After the services the same 500 parishioners and police escorted the body to Highland Cemetery. Nearly 4000 persons were present at the burial exercises here.

The bearers, who were from St Vincent’s parish, South Boston, were Dr. Herbert J. Keenan, Dr. William H. F id-dick, John P. Morgan, Vincent Brennan, John Lynch, Jeremiah Coughlin, Timothy Hayes and Walter Spencer.


St Vincent’s Church, South Boston, Not Big Enough to Accommodate Mourners of Rev Fr Troy.

So big was the crowd that wished to pay last tribute yesterday morning to T-ev Fr James B. Troy that the doors of St Vincent’s Church, South Boston, had to be closed before the beginning of the | mass. Delegations from many societies in Norwood and South Boston accompanied the casket from the parochial residence to the church and hundreds of persons stood in silence on the sidewalks as the cortege passed. State and city officials occupied front seats in the church.

Rev James Lee of the Church of the Immaculate Conception was celebrant of the mass, Rev Thomas Goulding of Jamaica Plain was deacon and Rev Timothy C. Sullivan of St Vincent’s, subdeacon, Rev W. H. Grant of SS Peter and Paul’s was master of ceremonies, Rev John H. Lyons of Holliston and Rev F. A. Brogan of Cohasset were acolytes and Rev T. J. O’Connor of SS Peter and Paul’s was thurifer.

Cardinal O’Connell occupied the throne end with him were Rt Rev Mgr George J. Patterson and Rt Rev Dennis O’Farrell. Rt Rev Mgr P. J. Supple and Rt Rev Mgr John B. Peterson were also within the sanctuary. The music was by the priests’ choir, under direction of Rev M. J. Scanlon of the Cathedral. In front seats were scores of clergymen from various Eastern States.

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Rev Arthur T. Connelly of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament gave an appreciative estimate of the service of Fr Troy.

05 May 1915, Wed The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)