This Day In Norwood History-May 11, 1931

Norwood bootleggers may have used something similar to this 1930s era beer keg to store their liquor and beer.


NORWOOD. May 1-As a result ot two liquor raids in this town Friday night by Chief Sullivan, assisted by Sergt Thomas H. Lydon and 10 patrolmen, Carmela Santora of 21 Heaton av, Norwood, and Santa DeFlaminlo of 25 Heaton av, were arranged In the District Court yesterday morning and pleaded guilty to having liquor nuisances.

In the home of DeFlaminlo were 15 men and the squad seized 264 quarts of beer, 225 gallons of wine, and seven gallons of hard liquor.

On Santora’s premises there were nine men and the police found 1104 bottles of beer, three gallons of wine and four barrels of beer which was brewing.

The pair pleaded guilty. Judge Clifford B. Sanborn fined therm $100 each and sentenced them each to three months In the House of Correction, the sentence being suspended for one year.

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