This Day In Norwood History-March 6, 1872-Celebration of the Incorporation of the Town of Norwood



The Celebration.—The citizens of Norwood, on Wednesday evening, had a jollification over the formation of their new town. A large number of Invited guests were present, among them being Governor Washburn, Senator Wakefield, and Dr. J. T. Talbot, of Boston. They were received at the residence of Lewis Day, Esq., where a collation was served, and afterward went to the village hall, where the citizens were assembled. The hall was handsomely decorated. At the head, the word “Norwood”, was inscribed and on the front of the balcony opposite was the motto, “Peace and Prosperity,” and on either side, “Liberty Unrestrained by law,” and “Economy, Responsibility.” The exercises were conducted by the Hon. John C. Park. Music was furnished by the Norwood Brass Band and the Norwood Choral Union. A speech was made by Gov. Washburn, in which he called the attention of the citizens to the wisdom of economy, public education and good personal character. Mr. Addison Boynton then made a speech and presented the town with a set of ballot boxes. Remarks were also made by Hussey Chase, Esq., of Lynn and Senator Wakefield, and the meeting dissolved with the best of wishes on every side for the prosperity of the new town.


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