V. F. W..COMMANDER Joseph Paduck shown with Norwood Post’s colors and other property he saved when fire wrecked headquarters this morning.

NORWOOD, March 5—Two firemen were injured and several families were driven from nearby dwellings as a general alarm fire destroyed the 2 1/2 -story wooden home of Norwood Post. V. F. W., at 85 Railroad av., early this morning.

Post Com Joseph Paduck of Washington st., South Norwood, arrived on the scene with firemen and risked his life to save the post colors, Bible and charter which were in the first floor meeting hall.

Ladderman Leo Storme, received a laceration of the left hand and hoseman Joseph McAuliffe received a shoulder injury when struck by a falling timber. Both were treated at the scene by fellow firemen.

The first alarm was sounded at 12:35 a. m and Chief Alonzo Earle, immediately upon arrival, summoned additional equipment.

Paduck, with another post officer, James Long, was eating in Norwood sq when informed that the quarters were ablaze He stated that the building, originally the East Grammar School, had been recently renovated and refurnished Paduck estimated the damage would reach $25,000.

Sat, Mar 5, 1949 – The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

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