This Day In Norwood History-March 24, 1950

Macchi Expands Service Fleet

THE MACCHI FLEET lines up for prompt service to residents of Norwood and surrounding towns.

Shown with fleet of trucks of the Appliance Sales & Service Center are (left to righ) Louis and John Macchi, owners;

Ralph Carlson, Peter Rakauskas, Paul Maduskie and Gene McLean, Jr. (McLean Photo)

Expansion of their service force has been announced by John and Louis Macchi, owners of the Appliance Sales Service Center, 1124 Washington Street, South Norwood.

In making the announcement, the Macchi Brothers said:

“In keeping with our policy to give service as soon as possible, we have added to our fleet of service trucks and augmented our service force. Even with these latest additions there are occasions when time limits the type of service we want to give you. We feel that after a sale, our responsibility begins rather than ends and because of the above-stated policy, we are continually adding new satisfied customers to our list. “We wish to thank our customers, old and new, for the faith they are placing in us to deliver the merchandise and provide the service to which they are entitled upon the purchase of our products. We will continue to buy only select merchandise to further the protection of the public interest as well as our own.”

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