This Day In Norwood History-March 16

FIRES – at Norwood-Loss $20,000—Burning of a Portion of the .

Three buildings of the Talbot oil carpet works situated near the New York and New England Railway station in Norwood, were burned to the ground, Saturday morning, entailing a loss of nearly $20,000 upon Mr. E. F. Talbot, the sole proprietor, who has no insurance to cover it. The buildings were a dry shop, paint shop and magazine, where paint was ground. All were of wood, and two were two stories high and 120 by 30 feet in area, while the magazine was one story and about 100 by 25 feet. The tire was first discovered at 7 3/4 o’clock. in the paint shop, and in less than an hour the buildings mentioned arid all their contents were completely destroyed. The theory as to the origin of the tire is that a package or tub of benzine In the upper story of the print house leaked through the flooring to the furnace below, and thus set fire to the building. The Talbot factories have been in operation about twelve years, and, during that period all the buildings on the grounds of the works have been twice swept completely away by fire. This time there are five or six shops left, and the manufacture of carpets will progress without Interruption.

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