This Day In Norwood History-March 15, 1950

1930 Norwood Hockey Team

March 15, 1950 The Norwood Messenger

N. H. S. ICE SQUAD OF 20 YEARS AGO—Dr. Martin A. Berezin of 176 Bay State road, Boston, recently came across this picture of the Norwood High School 1929-30 hockey team, of which he was manager, and thought it might give the athletes of that era a feeling of nostalgia os it did him. The team had a record of seven victories, one loss, and four ties in 12 starts. The boys had to depend on natural ice for their games and spectators were few. To the best of Dr. Berezin’s memory, the boys in the picture are:

Front row (left to right): Coyne, Balutis, Altonen (Captain), Dyer, McManus, Pond and Berezin (manager) Second row, Delaney, Olson, “Yudi”, Bunda, Frederickson, O’Neill. Back row, McBeay (coach), Rossi (assistant manager).

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