Health Board Posts Property In Absence Of Sanitary Facilities

WILLETT POND BEACH, on which a swimming ban was clamped this week when the property was posted by the Board of Health. Photo was taken last Sunday when crowds of out-of-towners, as well as local residents, flocked to the popular Norwood resort as they have been doing for years past. (Surette Photo)

The Board of Health on Wednesday posted “No Swimming” signs at Willett Pond, leaving the town without an available swimming pooh.

This action by the Board of Health has been in the making for several weeks. Only the labor involved in making the signs has held up its posting.

Despite the fact that hundreds of persons have been bathing at Willett Pond for several weeks, numerous complaints have been received by the town that it was an unhealthy place for bathing and a public nuisance.

The bathing and parking areas were found to be in a deplorable condition, due to the lack of proper supervision and sanitary facilities there.

The Board of Health stated that the ban would be lifted if and when proper facilities were installed.

George F. Willett owner of the pond has requested the Board of Selectmen that electric service be extended to the Pond to take care of facilities which he intends to install there.

Mr. Willett had advised the Board last week, that he has obtained a building suitable for a bathhouse and toilets and stated that he was planning to move it to the beach at once. Two lifeguards have been on duty at the beach since last Saturday The Recreation Department announced today that they would be removed as soon as the No Swimming sign
was posted.

The Board of Health was to confer with General Manager Francis W. Smith regarding police enforcement of the ban.

There has been some question as to the legality of enforcement since the beach is private property.

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