Local Dignitaries Celebrate Opening of $250,000 Norwood Hospital Expansion

AT HOSPITAL DEDICATION—Among those on the speakers’ platform at the dedication ceremonies at the Norwood Hospital yesterday were (left to right) Charles A. Richardson, hospital administrator; Miss Betty Eicke, former supervisor; Charles J. Prescott, Jr., former president of the hospital; Hon. Sumner G Whittier, Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth, the Rev. Richard G. Hinds of Dedham, and Mrs. Parker Chick of Walpole, president of the Norwood Hospital Women’s Aid. (McLean Photo)

With the intense heal keeping the crowd down to 200 persons and with Lt. Governor G. Whittier as the principal speaker, dedication ceremonies marking the completion of the additions and alterations to the Norwood Hospital were held on the lawn of the hospital yesterday afternoon.

“The kindness and skill of the hospital staff arc healing hundreds,” Lt. Governor Whittier said “You are very fortunate here in Norwood and the surrounding towns to have such a fine hospital. It must be a great thrill to be able to hear the cry of a newborn baby, and to mend broken limbs with loving and skilled hands.

“Love and charity go hand in hand and here at the Norwood Hospital, faith, hope and love are combined, but the greatest of these is the love that is showered on the patients.

“The facilities here are of the best, but more is needed than brick and mortar and buildings. It is the touch of hands that cases pain and the skill of physicians that has made the Norwood Hospital great.”

Led by Robert Brown, head of the hospital public relations department, the guests who occupied scats on the speakers’ rostrum filed onto the platform to martial music played by the Norwood High School Orchestra under the direction of Raymond Fleck.

Marching to the rostrum with Mr. Brown was Miss Betty Eicke, former superintendent of the hospital, followed by Charles A. Richardson, Most Rev Jeremiah F Minihan who gave the Invocation, Charles J Prescott, Jr., former president of the hospital, who introduced the guests to the gathering Mrs. Parker Chick of Walpole, president of the Norwood Hospital Women’s Aid, the Rev Richard G. Hinds of the Allin Congregational Church, Dedham, who gave the Benediction, Dr. A. Daniel Rubenstein, director of the division of hospitals for the government, the Hon Sumner G. Whittier, Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth, Benjamin H. Bristol, president of the hospital who gave the address of welcome, Clement A Riley, Civil Service Commissioner, and Dr. Harriet E. Rogers, head of the hospital staff.

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In intoning God’s blessing on the gathering in his invocation, Bishop Minihan said.

“Almighty and Eternal God, standing in Thy Presence, aware of Thy goodness and mercy and confident of Thy love for all, we beg Thy blessing on this new work, inspired, begun and completed in accord with the injunctions of Our Divine Lord that we should love one another and love our neighbors as ourselves.

“Give, we beseech Thee, to all who have dedicated themselves to work for the welfare of their fellow man in pain and suffering and illness, the grace and strength and skill to restore them to good health, or, if it be Thy divine Will, to bring comfort and solace in their last hours to those whom Thou wouldst call to their heavenly home “Give strength and fortitude and courage to the afflicted, the maimed and the suffering who come here for help and assistance. Enable them by Thy grace to bear with patience and submission the bodily ills that have come upon them “We beg Thy blessing, too, on all who by their interest, their labors, their love, their charity and their generosity have made this new building a reality “These blessings and favors we ask in the Name of the Thine God – the Father who created us —the Son Who redeemed us — and the Holy Spirit Who sanctifies and fires us with true love and charity towards all. Amen.”

In addressing the gathering, Mr. Prescott paid high tribute to the people behind the hospital, persons who have dedicated themselves to the care of the sick and without whose help the buildings would mean little if anything.

He recalled how the hospital was started back in 1919 and told of its progress and of the fact that there are now 40 trustees and said that it requires the combined skill of 40 professions to care for each patient who enters the hospital.

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“Running the Norwood Hospital is now big business and over one million dollars a year is required,” Prescott said He paid tribute to the efficient management of the present Administrator Charles A. Richardson, and of the work done over the years by Robert Brown, director of the division of hospitals for the government, congratulated the hospital for its fine service to the community and recalled how Mr. Richardson, Mr. Brown and Mr. Prescott haunted his office until the Norwood Hospital was given $250,000 under the Hill-Burton Act.

Norwood police and firemen were present and ambulances from all of the surrounding towns, along with the Norwood ambulance, were on hand for the inspection of the general public in attendance. Many members of the hospital medical staff were in the audience and Miss Edna Price, former superintendent of nurses, was among those present. At the conclusion of the speaking part of the program, a tour of the hospital was made.

(All articles were originally published in the Norwood Messenger unless otherwise noted)

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