This Day In Norwood History-June 14, 1897


Mrs Mary D. Chickering Celebrates 100th Birthday, Enjoying Remarkably Good Health and Mental Faculties.

NORWOOD, June 14—On Walpole st, close to the Hoyle st crossing, stands the Chickering homestead, which is one of the oldest homesteads in the vicinity.

For years it has been the residence of Mrs Mary D. Chickering, widow of Dean Chickering, and their son John. Here today, in a remarkable possession of her memory and other mental faculties, Mrs Chickering celebrated the 100th anniversary of her birth, receiving the congratulations of her relatives, neighbors and other townspeople, and a number of floral and some more substantial tokens from others whose confidence and esteem she has won and kept during her long and eventful life.


Mrs Chickering was born in the old Dean house on Dean st, South Dedham, now Norwood, on June 11, 1797, being the daughter of John Dean, and one of a family of six children. The century of her life she has lived almost uninterruptedly within a short distance of her birthplace. During her early life she taught the district schools In Dedham and in some of the neighboring towns. Among these schools was the famous brick schoolhouse, still standing in Sharon close to the East Walpole line, at which the late Hon Frank W. Bird was an attendant.

Mrs Chickering at the age of 29 married Mr Dean Chickering, a near neighbor of her parents, a widower with one daughter. This daughter, Mrs Pulsifer of Needham, still survives at the age of 80. Mr and Mrs Chickering had one child, Mr John Chickering, who cares for his mother and who is one of Norwood’s most highly respected citizens.

Mr Chickering, the husband, who died more than 40 years ago, was a deacon in the old South Parish Congregational church, of which Mrs Chickering has always remained a member.

Possessed of remarkably good health and watched over with solicitude, the people of Norwood feel that Mrs Chickering will be permitted to linger yet a little while longer in their midst.

Mary (Dean) Chickering, Dean Chickering, John Chickering, South DedhamMary (Dean) Chickering, Dean Chickering, John Chickering, South Dedham Tue, Jun 15, 1897 – 3 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) · Newspapers.com
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