Travelers Enroute To Mexico City Experience Excellent Weather Conditions

As we go to press, the latest bulletin from Miss Emily Fisher, 76-year-old Norwood tourist, who is en route to Mexico City by taxicab, is that the party is nearing Terre Haute, Indiana, where they will spend the night.

In an air-mail letter to Mr. Jack McGarry, the driver tells that the tourists covered 371 miles last Tuesday. Wednesday morning, Mr. Fred Schaier asked a taxi driver in Harrisburg, Penna., the best route out of the city. The driver looked across the street to where the Norwood car was parked and asked Schaier if he was the driver headed for Mexico. When Schaier replied in the affirmative, the cab driver showed him the front page of a Harrisburg newspaper that carried a full story of the tour.

The weather has been very fine for the Norwood travelers and McGarry states that Schaier reports the car is running very well. They have passed through the mountainous regions cl Pennsylvania, climbing seven mountains, the highest of which was 3400 feet. Today they will be rolling over the flat plains of Ohio and if all goes well, they expect to arrive in Dallas, Texas, tomorrow morning.

The story of this unique tour has excited the interest of newspapers all over the country and the Associated Press and United Press are carrying: bulletins of the Norwood people’s progress.

(All articles were originally published in the Norwood Messenger unless otherwise noted)