This Day In Norwood History – July 8, 1942-Women Join ‘Chute Corps Of Civil Air Patrol Unit

New England Civil Air Patrol Ann Cutler Norwood Airport

08 Jul 1942, Wed The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

Four women, including a and her pilot daughter, and three doctors, attended the candidates’ class for the formation of a within the in New England last evening at the .

The new corps will include doctors, nurses, skilled woodsmen, mechanics and forest fighters, according to United States Regional Director Joseph M. Loughlin of the 1st Civilian Defense Area.

, aid to Regional Wing Commander of the Civil Air Patrol, conducted tonight’s class to give preliminary instructions on the purposes of the new parachute corps and the use of ’chutes.

Already 25 doctors, 30 nurses and nurses’ aids have enrolled, and inquiries are flooding the C. A. P. headquarters, Murphy said.

In last night’s candidates, class were State Representative Mrs. , a student flyer ; her daughter, , 22, a licensed pilot, both of Needham: of Middleboro, of , of Boston, of Newton and of Winchester.

The parachute corps will include not more than 350 men and women in the designated professions, Murphy said.

One of the new developments which will assist the units serving isolated sections of the paper parachutes. The paper ’chutes cost about 50 cents while the silk or nylon ‘chutes cost $360. The paper ’chutes will be used to send medical supply packages, weighing up to 50 pounds, down to isolated casualties.

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