An Alley in the “flats” section of Norwood.

Women Among 100 Syrians in Riot at Norwood

Five in Hospital, Five Arrested—Home Guards Aid Police

06 Jul 1917, Fri The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

Special Dispatch to the Globe

NORWOOD, July 5, 1917—The “flats,” as the foreign section of this town is known was the scene of a riot about 10:30 o’clock tonight when 100 Syrians held a battle royal with hoes, rakes and long clubs.

As a result of the affray, five were taken to the Norwood Hospital, several suffered from severe cuts and bruises, and five others, some of them wounded, were arrested and taken to the town lockup.

The police are mystified as to the cause of the riot. It came to their attention when the sounds of the battle were wafted through the night air into the police station.

Walter A. Little, acting chief, gathered together his squad of eight officers and hurried to the scene.

Some 50 members of the Home Guard, who were being sworn in, were hurried to the scene, three touring cars being pressed into service.

When the police and guardsmen arrived they found the battle of the Syrians, among them several women, the latter bespattered with blood, but this it was found came from the wounds of the male fighters.

Stretched out on the ground were half a dozen Syrians, for whom the struggle had evidently been too strenuous. As the police reached the scene, a couple of these “corpses” came suddenly to life and sped off in the darkness.

The police gathered up the remainder of the prone figures and sent them to the hospital. Meantime other members of the police force and the guardsmen had waded into the fight and dragged forth five men alleged to have been especially savage in handling the garden tools and clubs.

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The other rioters made away in the dark.

The prisoners will be arraigned in court today.