This Day In Norwood History- July 27

Norwood Village Hall

All Arrangements Completed and a Fine Program Has Been Arranged.

, July 23, 1902—The chairmen of the several committees of the and have completed arrangements for the observance of old-home next Wednesday.

It is hoped that addresses will be made by Gen Curtis , , who is a native of the town, and other noted visitors. The day will not be made a general holiday, but most stores and business establishments will remain open in order that visitors may inspect all the industries of a growing and thriving town.

The program as arranged is as follows:

1 pm—Open house at . Reception, light refreshments and renewal of old friendships. Carriages will be provided for guests desiring drives about town.

4 pm—Unveiling of to , with appropriate exercises on the grounds of the .

5 pm—Collation In dining hall of the

6:30 pm—Band concert in Village Hall sq by the .

7:30 pm—Formal exercises in Village hall to be opened with address by Pres of the Norwood business association and board of trade. Hon will be president of the evening.

Rev of Newton will read an original poem, and Mr Milton H. Howard of Norwood will give an historical address Illustrated by the stereopticon. Brief addresses will be made by other invited guests. Vocal music will be furnished by the .

Tomorrow evening all the committees of the affair In the board of trade and the Norwood woman’s club will hold a in Village hall.

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