(we’re basking In your success)

As Earthmen, we are proud of Columbia and Eagle and man’s first exploration of the Moon.

We are also proud of our Masoneilan people and equipment which contributed to the successful missions of Mercury and Gemini and now Apollo XI and Astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins.

Our control valves and instruments (over 200 of them in the Apollo Launch Complex 39A) controlled the flows of Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Hydrogen, Liquid Nitrogen, Nitrogen Tetroxide, RP-I Kerosene, Aerozine 50 and Helium in a variety of services including:

  • fueling all three stages of the Saturn V launch vehicle
  • supplying gases under pressure to operate the many kinds of pneumatic-mechanical actuators in the launch base
  • supplying the gases used to heat and cool electronic and other ground support launch equipment
  • fueling the Columbia capsule’s reaction control system and the fuel cells which supplied its electrical power
  • supplying the fuel aboard the Eagle lunar module which enabled its landing and takeoff
  • and even storing on both the command capsule and LM the oxygen which the astronauts breathed

No, we didn’t go to the Moon.

But we’d like you to share our pride and excitement, because, most of the time, our valves and instruments do very unglamorous things—like controlling steam in electric power plants—or refining petroleum—or processing chemicals and gases—or making pulp and paper—and even brewing beer.

Now that we’ve had our brief place in the Moon, we’ll go forward to establishing our place in the Sun—as one of the largest manufacturers of automatic control valves in this World.
We’ll be back for the other Apollo missions and wherever else in the Universe you’re going.

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