This Day In Norwood History- July 19


Charge Against Two Well Known Young Men Who Were Arrested at Today.

Tue, Jul 19, 1904 – 7 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) · Newspapers.com

NORWOOD. July 19—For spitting on the sidewalk near the village postoffice, and , well-known of the ball nine of the Norwood , were arrested here today by .

Both of the boys have always borne the highest of characters, are well known and great social favorites, and their has caused a great sensation here. At first they refused to give their correct names, for they were in the midst of a lot of other boys who are wont to congregate on the steps next door to the postoffice.

Nugent’s father is a well-known contractor here, and Turtin’s family is also very prominent. The arrest is the town talk today.

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