This Day In Norwood History- July 17

Closed Circuit TV Amuses Patients

TELECASTER AT WORK – Mrs. Helen Cohen presents daily local news for Norwood hospital patients over closed circuit TV.

Norwood Hospital Closed Circuit TV Fri, Jul 17, 1964 – 32 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) · Newspapers.com


Norwood Hospital features closed circuit television to keep its patients in touch with home town events.

At 12:30 each week day patients watch a 15-minute broadcast featuring local people and events.

The television earner’s red eye winks on and ’”Hometown News of the Day” is on the air!

The telecast originates in the lobby and visitors may watch the program live while patients watch on the TV sets in their rooms. This is believed to be the only hospital in the country which presents such a program to its patients.

Acting as news commentator is Mrs. Helen Cohen of the Hospital’s Development Department.

In addition to “Hometown News of the Day” the Hospital’s closed circuit station presents such programs as “Bathing Baby” for maternity patients and “Visit Vision” which allows very young children to visit parents and relatives through the medium of television.

Plans are now underway for a new educational series for patients on diabetic care.

Norwood Hospital not only treats its patients with tender, loving care, it keeps them well informed.

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