Norwood Ma Subway Hill
The underpass at Chapel and Washington streets, designed to eliminate the grade crossing for Winslow Station, is shown here during construction around 1897. Photo colorized by the Norwood Historical Society


To be Abolished at Winslow and Norwood Stations.

July 17, 1891—The dangerous grade crossing at Winslow station, New York & New England Railroad, the scene of several accidents, is to be abolished. Surveys, tending to its abolition, are now being made by Civil Engineer Frederick Endicott of Canton, who is acting under the orders of the State Board of Railroad Commissioners. The grade crossing of Norwood central station, a short distance below the other, is also to be abolished. It will cost about $40,000 to abolish the grade crossing at Winslow station, and some $25,000 to do away with that at Norwood central. The railroad company is to pay 65 percent of the cast of abolition of these grade crossings and the town of Norwood and county of Norfolk the balance. Engineer Endicott is being hurried in his surveys, in order that plans may be filed and the work started. After the plans are filed the railroad company has a year’s time in which to do the work.