Hundreds Of Children Feted At Playgrounds – Adults Pitch In

HAPPY FOURTH!—Typical of the hundreds of Norwood children who were treated to a big program of games with prizes for the winners and ice cream and noise-makers for everyone, was this group of merry youngsters at Father McAleer Playground. (McLean Photo)

According to the reports of the hundreds of enthusiastic youngsters. workers and those who watched the proceedings, the children’s celebration of the Fourth of July in Norwood was a tremendous success.

Starting with the Block Dance in front of the Post Office on the night before the Fourth and continuing through the dispensing of over 5,000 pieces of free ice cream and the distribution of 200 wonderful prizes at the town s seven largest playgrounds, the scheduled program engaged the active and enthusiastic interest of Norwood youngsters at all times. Although it was primarily a program for the children this didn’t prevent the older folks from enjoying all of the scheduled activities. The celebration was an innovation brought to Norwood by General Manager Edward C. Monahan, who made the original suggestion at a meeting of the Norwood Retail Board.

Subsequently, the financial spark of life was given to the General Manager’s idea by the Retail Board when John Regan and Joseph Frates of that organization called upon Mr Monahan and presented him with $140 which had been collected from their members with a promise of more to come. When it became generally known that funds were being raised to give the children a real program, it seemed as though everyone wanted to help Various storekeepers made it possible for their own customers to make contributions to the fund.

Other individuals made inquiry as to how they could do their little bit. The enthusiasm for the program became so spontaneous and widespread that the MESSENGER was requested to handle the publicity and the financial contributions. As a result, a little less than $600 was received and proudly recorded by that newspaper.

When the call went out far volunteer workers at the various playgrounds the response was terrific. “This is only the beginning” according to General Manager Monahan who predicts that in future years the program will become bigger and better and all on a volunteer basis.

As evidence of the effectiveness of the same and sane program staged for the youngsters the Fire Department reports that there wasn’t a single false alarm during the highly critical and hazardous period of the Night Before the Fourth and the. Fourth itself.

In summarizing his report on the success of the program, General Manager Monahan specifically mentioned the clergyman, the South Norwood merchants who contributed $100, the employees of the Public Works and Electric Light Departments, the custodian of the Post Office the custodian of the local schools where games were held, and the volunteer workers at the various playgrounds who handled the difficult duties in connection with the distribution of ice cream, running of events and awarding of prizes. Leon P. Smelstor, Director of Recreation, did a “grand job”, the General Manager stated. General Manager Monahan stated: “Although many individuals are deserving of great praise for the contributions they made in time, money, and effort to the success of the children’s Fourth of July celebration, the spontaneous support and enthusiasm of all the people of Norwood, both young and old alike, was mainly responsible for the remarkable results obtained. It was definitely a community success.”

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Among the many prize winners were:


David and Donald Pike. Pen Chrome Flash Light, Arthur Gearty, Paul Sullivan and Bobby Bunker, Binoculars: Mary Noon, Compact: Bruce Boardman, Pen Flashlight. Nancy McCarthy Paint Set and Pen and Pencil Set. Dick Bunker, Roller Skates, Mary Thornton and Eleanor Carducci, Pencil Case; Gerard Praino, Ring Toss, Pauline Thomas, Toy Baby Dog, Mary Thornton, Pen and Pencil Set; Dick Bunker, Camera; Eddie Wenstrom and Donald Field, Mail Box Bank; Janet McLeod and Nancy McCarthy, Wallets. Bruce Boardman Erector Set and Pitch Em Set; Nancy McCarthy. Pencil Case, Gerard Praino, Puzzle* Marilyn Swift, Doll, Bruce Boardman Sky Ringer


Ken Sykes, Binoculars. Mary Crowley, Compact, Paul Reardbn. Flashlight. Agnes – Puopolo. Pen and Pencil Set. Peewee Hall, Roller Skates: Martha Crowley Pencil Case; B. Waite, Ring Toss. Paula Kugel. Ann Marie Jones. Toy Baby Dogs; Lillian McNeil. Pen and Pencil Set; Richard Jihson, Camera, Philip Doucette and Robert Smith, Mail Box ‘Bank, Ken Hulstrom, Wallet; Richard Saumsiegel, Jimmy Flood, Erector Set, and Pitch Em Set; Peggy O’Donnell, Pencil Case: M. McGowan, Puzzle; Carol Sherwood, Doll; James Hayes. Garry Barry, Skj’ Ringers; A. Puopolo, Beach Ball, Ray Hall, Ted McGowan, Flashlights.


Eddie Hines, Binoculars; Barbara Scanlon, Compact, Robert Set, Catherine O’Toole, Pen and Rogan, Flashlight; M. Foley, Paint Pencil Set; Domenic Renzi, Roller Skates; .Barbara Pungitore, Pencil Case; Philip Hayes; Mail Box Bank; Peter Dixon, Flashlight; Sally Scanlon, Toy Baby Dog. Lorraine Boyden, Pen and Pencil Set; Tom’ Nugent, Camera; Bobby Murphy, Wallet; Peter and Paul Folan. Erector and Pitch Em Set, Gail Conroy. Pencil Case; Robert Gran-ey. Puzzle; R. Martin, Doll, D. Warnke, D. Folan. Ring Toss; Kevin Dixon, Flashlight.

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John Foley, Binoculars; Mildred White, Compact; Anthony Montisano, Flashlight, D. Assim, Paint Set; Rita De Geralamo, Pencil Set; Vincent Lee, Roller Skates, Barbara Foley, Pencil Case: Anthony Lorusso, Ring Toss; Jackie Howard, Toy Baby Dog, Mary McNally, Pen and Pencil Set, Patsy Puopolo and Richard Bowles, Mail Box Bank; Stanley Sienkiewicz, Wallet: Edwin McMann, Rocco Perinachia Erector Set and Pitch Em Set Dorothy Strayinski, Pencil Case: Frank Michienzi, Puzzle, Joan Yelapi, Doll,


John Ryan, Binoculars. Patty Donahue, Compact, Frank Salmon, Flashlight, Nancy Abely, Paint Set, Ann Richards. Pen and Pencil Set; Thomas Alty, Roller Skates: Eleanor Mondor, Pencil Case; Garrett Sheehan, Ring Toss, Christie Caswell, Toy Baby Dog; Alma McLean Pen and Pencil Set, Roy Rasmussen. Camera; John Corish. Dennis McCarthy. Mail Box Bank: Joseph Lydon. Wallet. Arthur Donovan. Erector Set and Pitch Em Set. Marian Masce, Pencil Set: James Handrahan. Puzzle: Mary Mac-Isaac. Doll. Jackie Connolly Francis McCarthy. Sky Ringer Lois Corish, Baach Ball. Robert Haddad Paul Seery, Flashlight. Ralph Haddad. Erector Set and Pitch Em Set


Billy Hart, Binoculars; Brenda Skeans, Toy Dog. Joan Erickson, Compact, Billy Thompson, Flashlight Barbara Johnson,y Paint Set Kenny Hart, Roller Skates: Marilyn Johnson, Pencil Case; Thomas Gordon. Ring Toss, Carol Brann Toy Baby Dog Marjorie Croxby. Pen and Pencil Set. Charles Sparrow. Camera; Bob Bowler and Bobby Quinn. Mail Box Bank, Billy Thompson and Arthur Rehnstrom, Erector Set and Pitch Em Set, Elaine Johnson. Pencil Case Charles Weisul. Puzzle: John Eppich and Jimmy Phelan. Sky Ringer; Antoinette Troilo. Beach Ball* B Sundquist, J. Kallstrom, Flashlight.

(All articles were originally published in the Norwood Messenger unless otherwise noted)

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