This Day In Norwood History- July 1, 1930


Man Candidate as Democrat

George F. Willett of Norwood, ex-millionaire manufacturer and member of the firm of Willett, , today took out papers as a candidate for the , in the Norfolk-Middlesex District, on the Democratic ticket.

The announcement of Mr Willett’s candidacy came as a surprise to many voters of the town in which he lives and the district of which it is a part. Although Mr Willett has been for many years prominently identified with civic and municipal affairs in Norwood, he has never been active as a candidate for political office.

The Norfolk-Middlesex District is considered Republican. It includes the towns of Norwood, , Dover, , , Millis, Needham. Norfolk, Wellesley, Walpole and in Norfok County, and the towns of Ashland, Holliston, Hopkinton, Natick and Sherborn in Middlesex County. Norwood is the home of Gov , and Mr Willett is a brother-in-law of the .

Mr Willett was born in Walpole, Aug 7, 1870, and was educated at University. He was married to Miss of Norwood In 1893.

Mr Willett is one of Norwood’s most prominent benefactors. He served on the and was one of the founders of the town’s zoning system.

He organized the , now known as the , and served as vice president of the institution. He was largely responsible for the adoption of the form of and he also organized the , later known as the .

He formed the Norwood and presented it with the clubhouse as a civic center. He was formerly president of the association. The organization was incorporated as a community center with a board of trustees for the welfare of the town.

Mr Willet also established the Hospital with its various clinics and correction work. This later became known as the . was another recreational project fostered by Mr Willett.

The present Senator in the Norfolk-Middlesex District is of Needham Heights, Republican.

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