Plans Discussed at a Great Mass Meeting in the Clubhouse.

Norwood Civic Association

Mon, Jan 9, 1911 – 14 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) ·

NORWOOD Jan 9 —The pubic meeting Saturday evening at the Norwood civic association clubhouse to discuss military drill for the boys and young men was largely attended, nearly 500 boys and young men being present.

Walter Blair was in charge and the speakers were Supt Curran of the Newsboys’ club of Boston, Corp McCory of fort Banks, who will be the drillmaster and military instructor; Robert E. Gourlie, physical instructor, and Rev Arthur Howe Pingree, who was the first to start boys’ brigade and boy scout work in Norwood.

All the speakers told of the benefit of military drill and the boys will be called together for their first drill next Friday evening. The committee in charge is Walter Blair, George Harding Smith and Rev Mr Pingree. The organization of the boys in military work, will be like that of the boys’ brigade and boy scout work, both of which have had much success in Norwood.

An entertainment was furnished by members of the Boston Newsboys’ club, who came out with Mr. Curran, consisting of songs, clog dancing and a vaudeville sketch.

The work of the civic association will soon be in active operating at the clubhouse, which is fitted up with a gymnasium, reading room, bowling alleys, billiard hall and the equipment of a modern clubhouse. The clubhouse itself is a set of buildings, new and remodeled, with the old colonial mansion of the Everetts as the nucleus, making a picturesque feature on the old Boston post Road.

It was bought and fitted up by George F. Willett, who will convey it in a deed of trust to trustees for the use of the community in the form of a civic association.