This Day In Norwood History-January 8

Gunman Gets $2819, Flees

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Wed, Jan 8, 1964 – 15 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) · Newspapers.com

NORWOOD — A hold-up man made off with $2814 from the Norwood branch of the Assn, at closing time Tuesday, repeating in several, important details a at the same bank three months Armed with what Bank Manager described as a Luger-type gun in his left hand, and masked with a nylon stocking, the thief entered the office moments before 5 p.m. and ordered Curran to empty the cash drawers.

When Curran held back a few $10 and $20 bills, the gunman snapped “Put it all in the bag,” and then ran out to a white Rambler which a confederate had waiting.

Within minutes, Norwood police found the getaway car, abandoned on Rte. 1 at the same point where bandits at the same bank had left their stolen vehicle last Oct. 8.

Police had only Curran’s description of the thief as 5 feet 11 inches, weighing 160, wearing a beige jacket and a soft hat.

No customers were in the bank at the time. Curran and two tellers— of Norwood and Mrs. Elberta Lydstone of Roslindale—were on the point of closing for the day.

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