LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS—The Norwood League of Women Voten held a board meeting at the home of Mrs. George B. Johnson, 77 Deerfield road, and made fine plans for Candidates’ Night which will be held on Monday evening, January 9th in Memorial Hall. Present for the meeting were, seated, (left to right) Mrs. Harold Dimone, Mrs. Edward Collins, Mrs. John Corcoran, and Mrs. Britta Kallgran. Rear row, (left to right) Mrs. Richard Levine, Mrs, Irving Parsons, Mrs. George Johnson and Miss Olive Dalton. (Eugene McLean Photo)

The Voters Service Committee of the League of Women Voters has completed plans for ‘Candidates Night which will be held Monday evening, January 9, at eight o’clock in Memorial Hall.

This is an important aspect of league work and because it is a nonpartisan organization it is in this area it is best able to be of service to the community. A candidates meeting gives voters an opportunity to hear on the same platform the men and women who are seeking the same office. It also gives the candidates a chance to reach people that he might otherwise not be able to do.

Last year Candidates Night was a lively and well-attended affair and it is expected so this year. Although it is extremely worthwhile in itself its value is commensurate with the number who take advantage of it. The candidates are usually more than willing to come to better inform the voter to take advantage and to listen, to inquire and to determine which of those who offer themselves as candidates will best represent him and best serve the community.

Mrs. Edward L. Collins, Chairman of Voters, Service, and her hard-working committee have left nothing undone in order to make this a most worthwhile evening. Besides extended newspaper coverage, letters have been sent to many organizations and announcements will make over radio stations.

For those candidates who have as not sent in their questionnaires the deadline is Friday, January 6th.

The following candidates have already indicated that they will be present on Monday evening. Seeking election to the Board of Selectmen, Mr. Charles L. Rich, the present incumbent and Mr. George E. Bourglnon; for School Committee, Mr. John Canvanugh, the present incumbent, Mr. Robert Capasso, Mr. Joseph Olshan, Mr. Francis X. Sheehan, Mr. Joseph Wall and Mr. Thomas White; for Planning Board Mr. Justin Barton, Mr. Edward Runci and Mr. James Kerr; for Town Moderator Mr. Walter Gotovich, unopposed, for Library Trustees Mr. Robert Martin both unopposed: for the Board of Health, Mr. Henry T. McAuliffe.