The well-dressed youth at the Psychopathic Hospital, who appealed to a policeman at Washington and Summer sts yesterday, saying that he had forgotten his own name and everything about himself, is John Mahar of Norwood. He is about 18, and a student at Boston University.

His father and mother came to the Psychopathic Hospital this morning and identified him as their son. They had read of the case In the morning Globe and from the description given realized the youth was their son.

Under the treatment of the doctors at the hospital, John Mahar is gradually recovering his memory. Although he does not recall everything pertaining to his past and to himself, his mind is becoming more and more normal.

Specialists do not consider his condition to be serious. They will not discharge him for a few days yet, but will keep him at the institution and study the nature of the ailment which led the young man away and caused him to lose his memory.

Mr. and Mrs. Mahar told the hospital authorities that their son had been missing from home since Saturday.

Mon, Jan 5, 1925 – 1 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)