This Day In Norwood History-January 30

Selectmen Urge

Voters To Act On Article Thursday

Leaders Recommend Acquisition Of Land

The Municipal Lot can be seen on the right side of this Google Earth photo. The location of the lot put it in close proximity to the Town Hall, Recreation (Civic) Center, Norwood Town Common, and dozens of Norwood businesses.

The Norwood Messenger – January 30 1943

A special town meeting will be held next Thursday evening at Memorial Hall of the , it has been announced by the , when the voters of Norwood will consider the proposition of taking over a piece of land for use as a municipal parking lot. The proposal is a reconsideration of a move that was turned down by the voters at the last town meeting but is coming up for reconsideration Thursday with the unanimous support of the Board of Selectmen.

The land in question is bounded by Nahatan street, Cottage street, Broadway, and a private way, and is situated in the center of Norwood’s fast-growing business district. Long seen as an essential item by the merchants of the town, it is felt that with the solid support of the selectmen the article should pass with little opposition. Its defeat at the last town meeting is understood to have come as a result of the concerted opposition of a group of town employees who were seeking an additional bonus, and who feared that any spending for other purposes might result in their plea for a bonus being denied. Only a small turnout of voters were in attendance at the meeting, and the small municipal employee’s bloc was able to see that the article calling for the purchase was not approved.


The land in question has been employed as a parking tot for some time, and has proved its value to local merchants and civic groups, who are satisfied that its acquisition by the town will be advisable. Interest in the proposal is high, and despite the fact that it is the only article on the warrant, the selectmen feel that a better than usual number of voters will lake action on the proposal.

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