M/Sgt. George S. Buckman, Jr, has been appointed station commander of the United States Air Force Recruiting Station located in the Post Office, Norwood, according to Lt. Col. William A. Somerby, Jr, commander of the Air Force Recruiting activities in the Greater Boston Area.

The Norwood horn sergeant has been on active duty with the Air Force for the past 13 years. He first entered the service with the old United States Army Air Force in 1942, right after the outbreak of World War II During the war, he served in the European Theater of Operations under the Office of the Strategic Service and Bombing Survey.

Prior to entry into the USAF recruiting duty, Sgt. Buckman attended the new Air Force Recruiting school located a the O.C.S. section at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

Although born in Norwood, Buckman moved with his family to Franklin where he graduated from Franklin High School in 1938. Prior to his entry into the service, he was engaged in the printing business in Millis.

Sgt. Buckman stated that his primary mission here in Norwood was to enlist eligible young men and women into the Air Force, however, he pointed out. his most important mission here was to “tell and explain about the Air Force”

to prospects, enabling them to have a full and clear understanding about that branch of the service and to aid them in determining for themselves which branch would be suitable to their own desires.

He went on to say that “high pressuring” prospects into the Air Force was strictly “taboo.”

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Buckman also stated that any male or female interested in obtaining information about the wonderful careers offered by the Air Force, may do so at any time without obligation on their part. He related the many fields which are open to men and women who enlist, and how, through the extensive school program, may prepare the airman throughout his or her enlistment, for an occupational specialty which may be used once back in civilian life.

The Air Force Recruiting Station is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. for anyone desiring information.

Sgt. Buckman now resides with his wife Muriel and eight-year-old daughter Sharon Maureen, at 4 Clinton Avenue, Walpole.