Norwood, MA—The late-gothic Norwood Memorial Municipal Building was built in 1927-28, and consists of a four-story solid masonry structure with split-face granite block veneer and limestone bandings. The existing roof consists of slate shingles and sheet metal copper flashings. The 120′ carillon tower consists of split face granite block veneer, limestone bandings, limestone and mahogany wood window surrounds, with limestone pinnacle and finíais at the peak. The 85 year old building was recognized by the National Register of Historic Places in 1996. The preservation project originated when pieces of the split face granite began to fall away from the building posing a considerable threat to both public safety and the integrity of the building itself.

The restoration of the Norwood Memorial Municipal Building was a huge undertaking including removal and replacement of the slate shingle roofing system and copper flashings at the Memorial Hall roof, the complete removal and replacement of the built- up roof on the office wing of the Town Hall, and the large scale rebuild of the granite ashlar veneer of the carillon tower. This rebuild included
the installation of engineered anchoring systems to enhance the structural integrity of the tower. The existing deteriorated wood window tracery were scraped of loose material and restored to original
condition and the surrounding limestone components were restored or replaced to original condition.

Ehrlich Company Incorporated was contracted through Contracting Specialists Inc. (CSI), of Attleboro, to perform bird exclusion for the renovations. All historical or landmarked bird exclusion projects present many challenges. Excluding all pest birds without altering the aesthetics of a newly preserved building is never cut and dry.

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Working with CSI, Gienapp Design and Preservation Technology Associates, Ehrlich was able to streamline this process and leave the Town of Norwood with a nearly invisible method of exclusion that will last for many years without harming the pest birds that usually infest these types of structures.

The project took seven months to complete with a high level of close attention by the design, conservation, construction and management team. At completion, the Town of Norwood was presented with a region that has made a significant investment in the local community through the contribution of a beautification or construction project restored Town Hall reflecting the highest levels of workmanship, and a project which exceeded expectations while staying within budget and schedule.

The preservation project team included:
Architect- Gienapp Design
Structural Structures- North Consulting Engineers
Construction Management- Compass Project Management
Preservation Consultant- Preservation Technology Associates, Inc.
Haz Mat Consulting- Peer Consulting
General Contractor- Contracting Specialists, Inc.
Roofing Subcontractor- Titan Roofing
Painting Subcontractor- R.J. Forbes
Metal Handrail Subcontractor-Viewpoint Metals

Technology Associates
Restoration of the Norwood Memorial Municipal Building

(Originally published in New England Facilities Development News, February 2014)