HOME ON FURLOUGH FROM GERMANY, Sgt. Henry C. Baker, Jr. was the Honored guest at a belated Christmas Party Saturday night at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baker of 63 Adams street. Sgt. Baker (seated center) is shown at the happy reunion surrounded by members of his family and friends. Included in the photo, in addition to his parents, arc: Mr. and Mrs. James Baker, Martha Dee, Mr. James Walsh, Sr. (his grandfather), Alma Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. William Walsh, Mrs. Dorothy Milliken, Twins Jean, and Joan Milliken, Evelyn Milliken, Mr. and Mrs. James Walsh, Jr., Geraldine and Mary Lou Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy, Mr. Sid Dolaher and Mrs. Emma Metcalf. (Surette Photo)

(Norwood Free Press)