Enlarged Floor Space Accommodates New Departments

The completely renovated and redecorated Norwood store of Sears Roebuck and Co., with its floor space doubled by the addition of an adjoining building, will open its doors to the public this morning at 10 00 a m After today’s gala opening, the usual store hours of 8 30 a. m. to 6 p. m. will prevail

Town Manager William C. Kendrick will be present at the opening ceremonies to be directed by Sears’ Manager Joseph H Frates.

The new store, with every feature modernized and redecorated, will present an attractive interior to its many customers. Almost every department of the store has been enlarged and many new additions made.

Housewives will be pleased to see the model kitchen which has been installed in its entirety A complete houseware department, featuring all aorta of kitchenware, will delight the heart of many a housewife.

The store will also sto<ik a complete line of tools, automobile accessories and has spacious facilities for car service in the rear of the shop.

Manager Frates personally invites the people of Norwood to visit the bigger and better Catalog Department. This department features stock not obtainable in the store.

The enlarged and renovated Sears and Roebuck store is the latest in the chain of these retail establishments.