This 1870’s can of Yankee Baked Beans, sold by the Curtice Brothers of Rochester, NY., is typical of canned beans of that time period.

Sat, Jan 22, 1876 – 3 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) ·

Our readers will remember that some time since we took occasion to warn the clergy against the free use of beans on Sunday mornings, but we believe this is the first time a clergyman has publicly warned his people against their use. It is all the more surprising since this has happened in the very State where baked beans were invented, and where the savory esculent has given tone to theology even from the day of the fathers.

If anything that we have hitherto had to say upon this subject has influenced the Rev. Bromley to make this onslaught, we shall grieve.

A Massachusetts preacher, the Rev. Edwin Bromley, of the Baptist Church at Norwood, has flown in the face of New England traditions and customs by warning his congregation that baked beans are the “Devil’s food,” and advising them not to partake of them. While the reverend gentleman is crediting the Devil with most excellent taste, it seems to have had no effect upon his flock, who are inclined to laugh at their shepherd and call him bilious.