(Published in 1972) BACK AROUND 1930 The Town’s Public Works Department, the majority of whom are shown in this picture taken in the Yard, was twice as large 40 years ago as it is today with our population double the size. The average age of the workers was much higher then. And as you can see caps were very much in style.

Joseph Conley was Superintendent at that time. John Gahagan, who joined the Department in 1925, became Assistant in 1931. Both are standing in the rear.

Starting with the front row and working towards the back: Bill Palmer, James Foley, Homer Bibeau, Walter Arbachuk, Nick Masse, Tony LaSalvia, Joe Collins.

Edgar Webber, Mark Flaherty, Tom O’Malley, Sam Thompson, Steve Foley, Pat Kelly, Martin Connolly, Darby Foley.

Sandy DeFlamino. Bruno Campisano, Connie Murphy. Martin King. Coleman O’Toole, Peter Devine, John Norton, Tom Costello, John C. Folev, Mike Thornton.

Also: Mike Murray, Pat Kelly, Bartley Curran, Peter Ridge, Mike Foley, Steve Foley, Bartley Curran, Darby Foley, Peter Devine, Ed Costello, John J. Foley, Pat Conley, Henry Bergeron, Pat Foley, William Norton, Coleman Norton, John Goggin, William Walker, John Folan, Dennis Murphy, Henry Letts, Mitch Cavanaugh, Peter Connors, Jim Famiglietti, Michael McKale, Alexander McLennan.

Town Engineer Albert W. Thompson will bring all plans and specifications for a new town yard to the meeting of the Board of Selectmen next Tuesday evening In order that the long-discussed project may -be considered at the budget meeting and brought before the voters at the annual town meeting in March.

The motion for action on the town yard was offered at Tuesday night’s meeting of the Board of Selectmen by Walter J. Dempsey and was unanimously voted.

The town yard considered some time ago included a purchase of land from Winslow Brothers and Smith with an entrance from Central Street. The estimated cost by a local engineering concern was approximately $150,000, a1 figure which may have been upped considerably recently.

It was recently stated that the present property in the rear of the Norwood Lumber Company purchased from George F. Willett was inadequate as it is accessible only on a very narrow road.

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