Police Surprise Betting Spot on Dewing’s Order

NORWOOD, Jan. 20- Acting on orders of Dist. Atty. Edmund R. Dewing, a detail of State Police from the Framingham and Wrentham barracks descended on this town tonight and arrested 38 persons in a raid on a betting establishment on Broadway.

Dewing said the place had been under the surveillance of Lieut. William H. Delay of his office for the last month after many women had complained that their husbands were losing their pay there, and the financial situation of a number of families was becoming desperate as a result.

Jump to Ground

The raiding squad led by Lieuts. Delay and John P. Sullivan of the Framingham barracks, Corp. Henry Eliason, and Sergt. Joseph Burke of the Concord and Framingham barracks, respectively, battered down the front door of the large two-story wooden building and seized two men who jumped 15 feet to the ground from a second-story window.

On breaking through the door police were confronted by 36 other persons rushing down the stairs and herded them back into the building while a fleet of cruising cars and patrol wagons was summoned.

State police seized all record sheets, a radio, loudspeakers, and other betting apparatus. It was taken to the Framingham State Police barracks in a truck and will be used as evidence in Dedham District Court tomorrow.

Three of the men arrested, charged with registering bets, gave their names as Edward F. Hale of 69 V2 Chapel st., Michael Pusatery of 5 Myrtle st. and James F. Horgan of 15 Park st., all of Norwood. All three were later released under $500 bail each.

The other 35 arrested were charged with being present where gambling was taking place and were released on bail of $15 each.

Dewing said the raid was made under his direction after his ultimatum issued two months ago ordering all “bookie’’ establishments, slot machine, number pool, beano, and bank night operators in Norfolk and Plymouth Counties to close up.

“I am going to wipe out gambling in the two counties,” Dewing said.

This was Dewing’s first raid in Norfolk County. He has already supervised a raid on a beano party in Whitman and one on a theatre bank night in Middleboro.

Sat, Jan 21, 1939 – 1 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

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