WALPOLE STREET GARAGE, owned and operated by Henry Hentschel, and for many years the local Studebaker agency, It now also the local distributor of Packard automobiles due to the merger of the two automotive firms. Standing In front of the garage with one of the new 1955 Packards Is Mr. Hentschel (lef)t and his employees, Joseph Maxwell, Car Patrick, Lawton Pulling, and “Bud” Croft. The new Packard Clipper shown In photo was placed on display and sale this week. (McLean Photo)

The all-new Packard and Clipper automobiles for 1955 offer a revolutionary new kind of safe, comfortable ride; the auto industry’s top performance in new V-8 engines: a new Twin-Ultramatic transmission, new styling and more than 100 other major advancements.

Available in a wide selection of disttntive body styles, the new models go on display in Packard dealerships throughout the nation the week of January 17th They are presently on display at the Walpole street, garage.

Highlight of the new Packard models is the luxurious Four-Hundred, a Packard hardtop. The Constellation, another smartly styled hardtop, is the powerful star of the Clipper series of cars.

In addition to featuring top V-8 engine performance. Packard and Clipper Custom models strike the most dramatic note in this year’s new model parade with the introduction of a Torsion-Level Ride.

Packard torsion bar suspension, which completely replaces the conventional front-coil and rear-leaf springs, brings to American cars the first major improvement In riding comfort and riding safely since the introduction of front-coil springing in 1934, The Torsion-Level Ride is standard equipment on all Packard models and on Clipper Custom models.

Packard Torsion-Level Ride provides these long-sought riding qualities. A constant flat, level ride; adequate load-carrying capacity with less susceptibleness to bottoming or bumping on the rear axle over rough road surfaces, constant riding height regardless of load, and an improved boulevard ride which, at the same time, gives greater stability in handling at higher speed ranges permitted on modern highways.

With the Torsion-Level Ride, Packard engineers have made great progress toward solving numerous safety problems. For example—precision headlight aiming in night driving The Torsion-Level Ride keeps a steady beam from headlights on the road at all times. Likewise, steering geometry does not change with load changes.

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The family of all-new Packard V-8 engines, in combination with the new Twin-UItramatic transmission, endows’ In the new Packards and 1955 model Clippers maximum get-away performance from standing starts and safe passing ability in all speed ranges.

The Packard V-8 engine lias already had its endurance, speed and performance characteristics certified to by the American Automobile Association Contest Board. A Packard V-8 powered sedan has completed a 25,000-mile endurance run during which it eclipsed every slock car performance on the record books. For the 25,000-mile run, the Packard V-8 averaged 10-1737 miles per hour, including all stops.

The distance around the world is 24.902 miles.