NEW CHEVROLET AGENCY—The new quarter/ of the R. E, Hight Chevrolet, Inc., on Route 1 at the corner of Everett street, will be open to visitors Saturday as the company holds its grand opening at the new location from 9 a: m. until 10 p. m.

‘Open House’ To Be Held Saturday At New Route 1 Home Of Hight Chevrolet

The impressive new home of the R. E. Hight Chevrolet Inc. on Route 1 at Everett street, which will hold its grand opening with an ‘‘open house’for the public Saturday from 9 a. m. until. 10 p. m. marks another important step in Norwood’s development of its Boston-Providence turnpike.

Into it has gone the ingenuity and foresight of Mr. Edward H. O’Toole, president of the Glacier Sand and Stone Company, who turned hills into flat tableland, thus extending Norwood’s industrial area; into it has also- gone the outstanding ability of Mr. Harry J. Korslund, Norwood architect, who has designed some of the town’s most attractive homes, churches and modern business buildings. For the past eight months, at temporary headquarters across the highway at the Glacier Sand and Stone Company, R. E. Hight has built up a large patronage and an excellent reputation for Chevrolet passenger car and truck sales, used cars, service and parts sales.

The personnel of the R. E. Hight Chevrolet, Inc., includes several members who are well known locally and whose experience includes long years and expert training. Among them is Mr. Anthony J. Catholdi, treasurer of the company, who has had several years’ experience with General Motors dealers in accounting, and business administration. He is in charge of the office at the new R. E. Hight headquarters.

Another Norwood resident well known in automobile circles is Mr. Arthur Knoll, who has been in the direct employ of Chevrolet dealers in this vicinity for the past 20 years. He has over 15 approved mechanic’s diplomas awarded to him by the Chevrolet division, in recognition of his expert work in all lines of Chevrolet service. He is service foreman of the company. Approved-Mechanics’ Certificates have also been awarded by Chevrolet to Mr. Peter Sheehan of Norwood and Mr. Rubin C. Sheffield, the experienced service and shop mechanics.

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In the automobile business for 20 years, Mr. Charles W. Gormley is an experienced and well-known salesman who has worked for a considerable period of time with Chevrolet sales. With him in the sales department is Mr. Richard Chisholm, who moved to Norwood recently, and is specializing in truck sales and service. Big trucks, truck bodies and special options, and equipment will all be under his direction, Mr. Chisholm is another member of the staff, who has had previous experience in the sales department of Chevrolet.

Mr. Henry D. Lovering, service manager, has been in the automobile business for 30 years — the major part of them as a service manager. He has worked on both Atlantic and Pacific coasts with Chevrolet dealers and this considerable expenence nas made him a specialist in all lines of Chevrolet car and truck service.

Mr. Harry H. Campbell, who served with the Navy during World War II, worked for Boston concerns for several years in Chevrolet parts merchandising before his enlistment. He. is well informed on parts operations, both wholesale and retail, and under his management the R. E. Hight, parts department will carry a very complete stock of passenger car and truck parts for all years and all models of Chevrolet.

These are the staff members who will work under Mr. R. E. Hight, who opened his concern last May in temporary quarters on the Providence Highway, awaiting the building and completion of the new home for his business., At the time he came to Norwood, Mr. Hight was assistant zone manager for the Chevrolet Motor Division of General Motors Corporation in New England. He has worked with that division for 20 years.

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Unique Features

The plans drawn up by Mr. Korslund, submitted to and approved by the Building and Layout Department of Chevrolet In Detroit, include several unuaúal and up-to-date features.

The all-steel roof is well insulated with a combination of Vermiculite and cement, and an inch of water is left on the roof throughout the year as added weather conditioning. In the summer; the water acts as a thermos and assures the building of a cool, comfortable temperature. Special underground piping in the floor completely eliminates gas fumes and carbon monoxide that linger about many garages. Piping under the cement floors acts as an exhaust conduit that carries the fumes from the exhaust systems of motors under repair and carries them outside the building where they are dispersed. Large entrances on both sides of the building enable the driver to sweep right into the service department and out to Everett street, facilitating service as well as enabling the driver to avoid highway traffic in leaving the building. The paint and body shop is completely fireproof and has no connection with the other part of the building except for a small, all-steel door.

The company also boasts a truck lift with a 15,000-pound capacity, one of the very few in Norfolk County. This will enable truck drivers to have their vehicles serviced without the inconvenience of unloading the gravel, coal, or whatever their cargo.

Showroom, parts department, service manager’s office, lubritorium with hydraulic lift and other equipment, and a service door that enables the easy entrance of the largest types of trucks today traveling the highways are downstairs features in the building. Upstairs are located the general and private offices, and bulky parts department where sheet-metal and heavy equipment is stored.

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The pick up and delivery service featured by the Hight Chevrolet has been popular with customers who cannot spare the time from their local business concerns, or find transportation back to their homes, yet desire immediate checkups and service for their cars. A member of the garage staff will call for cars and return them as soon as work is completed; without any inconvenience to the car owner.

The new location on the west side of the highway has caused favorable comment with many of Hight’s customers who wish to avoid the heavy traffic on Route 1 and find a convenient entrance and exit to the new building from Everett street.

The grand opening of the building Saturday will feature a showing of the beautiful new 1949 Chevrolet. Local residents have been extended a cordial invitation to inspect the new cars and the various departments of the new. building throughout the day and evening.