All ‘’Charter Committee” Candidates Elected.

Appropriations Put Over to Adjourned Town Meeting Feb 25.

NORWOOD, Jan 18 — The first town election under the new Town Government act took place today. There was a contest for the Board of Selectmen, and the largest vote of any annual town meeting was cast, 1373. All the “Charter Committee” candidates were elected. Only one woman voted for School Committee.

The following town officers were elected:

Selectmen, Overseers of the Poor and Surveyors of Highways— Frank G. Allen and George K. Bird for three years. Oliver J. Barr and Patrick J. Lydon for two years, John Gillooly for one year.

Town Treasurer and Collector of Taxes — Harold W. Gay.

Finance Commissioners—Herbert H. Miller for three years. Francis J. Foley for two years and Clifford B. Sanborn for one year.

Moderator—James A. Halloran.

Board of Health—John A. Shannon for three years and William P. Nickerson for one year.

Constables—William C. Breen, Patrick J. Connolly, James H. Corbett. Charles R. Donnell, Edward O. Loring and Lewis M. Pierce.

School Committee—Alfred N. Ambrose and Sarah Noyes Bigelow, for three years.

Trustees of Morrill Memorial Public Library — Walter Biair and Agnes A. Curtin, for three years.

The license vote was Yes 339 No 855. Last year, Yes 281, No 808

The new Board of Selectmen will take the place of the Municipal Light, Water, Sewer and Park Commissions and tree warden. It will appoint a town accountant and town clerk, the two offices being combined, also a Board of Assessors. The Selectmen will receive such compensation as the town may vote. They will elect a town manager who, under them, will have considerable authority. He can hire, discharge arid fix the salary of employees of the Water, Sewer, Municipal Light and Street Departments. He will have the appointment of the chief of police and in fact, will have the executive management of most of the towns business. However, he may be removed by the selectmen on five days notice, subject to a hearing, if he desires. He need not be a resident of Norwood.

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The Selectmen themselves are subject to a recall provision.

Of the Selectmen elected, Mr. Allen has been chairman of the Board of Assessors for some years, and is president or the Winslow Brothers & Smith Company; Mr. Bird is an officer of the Plimpton Press, Mr. Barr is president of the J S. Cushing Company, Mr. Lydon has been a member of the Sewer Commission for several years, and Mr. Gillooly has been a member of the Municipal Light Commission since it was formed and Its chairman for some years.

All articles in the warrant calling for an appropriation of funds were referred to the Finance Commission, to report the adjourned annual town meeting on Feb 25. with recommendations. The meeting was adjourned to Feb 25.

Tue, Jan 19, 1915 – Page 3 · The Boston Daily Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)