Hamlin’s Service Station, corner of Railroad avenue and Washington street, Norwood, is owned by Geoffrey W. Hamlin, who has lived in Norwood and been in business at the same location for almost 17 years Known to his friends and customers as “Geoff,” he carries a complete line of Mobile products (Photo by Warren Eriksen)

Practically everyone hereabouts knows Geoffrey W. Hamlin generally called “Geoff” owner of Hamlin’s Service Station at the corner of Railroad avenue and Washington street, Norwood because he has lived here and been in business here for almost 17 years.

A gleaming-white, neat-appearing station, Hamlin’s features a complete line of Mobile products and accessories, from gasoline to batteries. Incidentally, Mr. Hamlin has a few of the most popular sizes of Mobile batteries in stock, at the present time.

Assisting Geoff at the station arc his son, Don, a former B-17 engineer, 8th Air Force, with 35 missions to his credit; his younger son. Bob, who attends high school and helps out in his spare time, and Mike F. Curran, a veteran of campaigns in Sicily, Italy, and North Africa, with most of his time served as an anti-aircraft gunner.

All four are anxious to serve you courteously and well Some of the services they perform, in addition to the usual dispensing of Mobile gasoline and oil, are complete lubrication, tire repairs and recapping, and complete battery service.

Geoff also sells Mobile batteries, healers and he currently has an adequate stock of Mobile Freezone. Other Mobile products are radiator flush and Hydrotone (rust preventative).