Cloverleaf Alleys In Grand Opening

Reardon And Carducci In Dedicatory Grudge Match

January 17, 1942- The Norwood Messenger

Norwood’s swank new bowling; alleys, the Cloverleaf, located on the superhighway, a few feet north of East Cross street, opened auspiciously Saturday afternoon with fanfare and flowers expressing the well wishes of the host of friends who greeted Reardon and Carducci at the grand opening.

Harry B. Butters, chairman of the board of selectmen, brought official congratulations to the owners of the newest sports palace in Norwood.

Twelve gleaming alleys line the main floor. At the ends sat twelve pin boys, in white linen suits, while in the foyer there is a modem luncheonette and soda fountain, with a pretty dark-haired girl in attendance.

In the front office, you’ll find Bill “Toby” Cavanaugh. Toby, a member .of Norwood’s championship baseball team of 1927, a star half: back for Benny Murray, and later to become a luminary for Villanova is the manager of the new Cloverleaf. Toby’s countless Norwood friends have long since forgiven him for that touchdown run be made against Boston College some years back. The speedy one-time backfield star is one of the town’s most popular fellows.

The building itself is an artistic delight. The outside the structure is of white finish with a deep maroon bank faintly circling the building. Inside the pastel shades soften the necessary shine of the maple alleys. Bowlers rest at beautiful and comfortable horseshoe seats, with the scoring charts right before them at an easy writing angle.

DEDICATORY CEREMONIES at the new Cloverleaf Bowling Alleys were highlighted last Saturday afternoon by the rolling of the first ball on the new alleys by Harry B. Butters, Chairman of the Norwood Board of Selectmen.

Long- lines of seats front the alleys. Here-waiting-teams or visitors, and visitors are welcome, may await, their turn on the alleys, or watch the struggling bowlers try to set up records.

Front of the building is a wide sweep of ground where motorists can pull off the highway and with a single turn of the wheel be in a parking position.

Saturday afternoon, Builders Reardon and Carducci met in a grudge match, but neither worried world’s champ Charles Smith. Frank just eased them down the alleys and Reardon, trying to lose, curved them in for a slight margin over his business partner. Johnny Bamber who was the architect for the building was right down front showing the builders how to knock down pins. Johnny wasn’t convincing.

Harry Butters toed the foul line, and shot a perfect cross alley curve that missed the number 1 and 3 pocket by the margin of a whisker. Harry punched out two pins but missed his strike by just that margin, as the crowd howled.

The Cloverleaf is now taking reservations for league games. The telephone number is Norwood 0410.