South Norwood Merchants Form New Association

Pledged to work for the betterment of the community and the development of the trading center, the retail merchants of South Norwood have formed a new organization known as the South Norwood Merchants Association.

Elected president of the Association at a meeting Tuesday night at Lithuanian Hall was Peter Cafaro. Other officers named were: Anthony K. Neviackas, vice-president; Herman Koplan, treasurer, and John W. Neviackas, secretary. The Executive Committee includes Peter Cafaro, Anthony K. Ncviackas, Herman Koplan. John W. Navickas, John Hayes, John Macchi and Anthony E. Mickunas.

The Association has been organized as a non-political group without regard to race, color or creed. Objectives of the association have been defined as follows:

The civic Improvement and betterment of South Norwood; (2) the building up and the enlargement of South Norwood as a shopping district; (3) a better understanding between the merchants as a whole and the public in general; (4) better cooperation and understanding among the other organizations of the town of Norwood.

The Association has expressed a willingness to take an active part in community activities.

It is hoped that every South Norwood merchant will become a member or this new organization. Each member will display a placard signifying his membership.

The next meeting, of the Association will be held on Monday evening. Januarv 27.