To the Citizens of Norwood,

Our town like our home has certain basic needs: initial sound planning, constant attention to maintenance and repair, and alertness to future needs. Both home and town are continually confronted with problems some of great magnitude, others of lesser, but all requiring constant attention and proper solution.

In the town as in the home, problems involving health and safety should receive top priority and must be corrected immediately. For example, in Norwood, we have some serious drainage, sidewalk, .mid street lighting problems which demand immediate attention. Major improvements to keep pace with ever-growing needs are desirable in town and at home. These improvements, for instance, additional playground facilities, fire station, youth center, must be made with careful attention to the budget and sound planning; Norwood must be treated like an average home, not an elaborate estate.

Many smaller problems can be most annoying — additional rubbish collection, enforcement of speed laws, inconvenient town elections. These can be better handled by utilizing our available resources arid small purchases (mobile radar unit $700.00) or in effect by a little “Yankee Ingenuity”,

Finally, the manner in which we solve our problems is of vital importance — procrastination and postponement create problems. I pledge to you that if elected I will approach every problem with an open mind, fairness, thoroughness. and courtesy and that I will act for the best interest of all.

January 16, 1959 – The Norwood Messenger